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This update was posted on 12/23/2018.


We had no choice as to timing because huge numbers of spam emails were being sent from hacked accounts. The new system can be reached from the website as before or through any browser at If you are using an email client like Thunderbird or a smartphone app, it will be necessary to make one small change to the incoming and outgoing email server addresses by changing to read CAPS were used to emphasize what needs to be changed. (Case really does not matter.) Login credentials are the same and no incoming mail was lost. If you have problems, please contact Bob Staib at 863-605-3920 from a phone which sends caller-id. (Unknown caller-ids are rejected by the system.) While the full story is interesting, it is way beyond the scope of this posting.
End of 12/23/2018 posting.

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Note to 1st time visitors. All homes in our Resort are privately owned. The Resort Office does not handle rentals or sales so any questions pertaining to these subjects should be directed to the individual home owners. We maintain a classified ads listing of available property on the Classified Ads section of this website. Click here to to view these ads. You may contact the homeowners directly at the email address or phone numbers listed in their classified ad.

Saddlebag Lake Resort (Florida) Home Page

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Login and Read the new Current Issues page and read about the Status of High Speed Internet, The Office Computer Project, and Water Usage

Please Support CHUG (Saddlebag's Computer Helpers and Users Group)!. Attend the CHUG meeting every Thursday at 10:30AM and learn more about computers. Whether you are a member or not, we need your email address so we can send you weekly Koffee Klatch Reports. If you are not presently receiving the weekly Koffee Klatch and Sunshine Reports please send an email to with your name, address and email address so we can add you to our weekly mailing list. Thanks. See you at the next CHUG meeting.
  1. About Saddlebag Lake Resort Florida (Broadband Version)
  2. About Saddlebag Lake Resort Florida (Dialup Version)
  3. About Saddlebag Lake Resort Florida (Dialup Version with Pop Up Images)
  4. About the Lake Wales Area
  5. Activity Schedule
  6. Activity Calendar
  7. Board of Directors and Board Minutes/Reports
  8. CERT Program
  9. Classified Ads
  10. CHUG Meeting Agenda
  11. CHUG Chat How To Toutorials
  12. Koffee Klatch Newsletter/Sunshine Report (Here)
  13. Lake Level, Temperature, and Rain Data
  14. Polk County Hazardous Waste Collection
  15. Polk County Named a "2007 All American County"
  16. Polk County Public Shelters
  17. Polk County Water Atlas of Saddlebag Lake
  18. Summer Work List
  19. Weather - Weather Bug Today's Hourly Forecast in Lake Wales, Florida
  20. Weather - NOAA 7 day Forecast Lake Wales, Florida
  21. Weather -Weather Bug 7-day Forecast in Lake Wales, Florida

Contact Information:

Name: Saddlebag Lake Resort Owners Association

our new email addresses General Office Business for Board President for Board Vice President for Board Secretary for Board Treasurer for the Resort Manager direct email link to the Saddlebag Forum section of the Current Issues page.
Address: 499 Saddlebag Lake Road
Lake Wales, FL  33898
Country: USA
Office Phone: 863-696-2407
Fax: 863-696-4394
Evenings and Weekends: 863-696-1115
First Aid Emerg. Cellphone: 863-604-4321
Duke Energy Emergency: 800-700-8744

Our Speed Limit throughout the Resort is 15 MPH and We Enforce It!
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