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Saddlebag Lake Resort, Lake Wales, FL, Come see how we built Florida's Friendliest Place to Retire
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About Saddlebag Lake Resort Lake Wales Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Answers:

1 Where Are We? Saddlebag Lake Resort is located on Saddlebag Lake just off Florida State Route 60 seven miles east of the intersection of US 27 and SR-60 in Lake Wales Florida. We are 47 driving miles from Walt Disney World, 65 driving miles east of downtown Tampa, 61 driving miles southwest of downtown Orlando and 72 driving miles west of downtown Vero Beach.

map from downtown Lake Wales to Saddlebag Lake Resort

Driving Instructions:
Go east on SR-60 for 7 miles and look for the 350 foot cellphone tower
[Yes we have great reception of cellphone (Verizon, Sprint and ATT) and
Yes we have great internet
about 1.0mb wireless internet service from Verizon and Sprint,
and we now have KCnetwork's new Premium Broadband internet service
(you will not find anything faster ... try it you will not want to leave)]
Continue another 200 feet and turn left at the SLR sign.

Cell Tower near the Resort     SLR sign 200 ft past the tower
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    Click for a list of available TV Stations

2 What Are We? Saddlebag Lake Resort is an Association of Homeowners from throughout the US and Canada, (and a few from other countries) who have formed an "Over 55 Retirement Resort" of approximately 789 manufactured homes. Our goal is simply to be the friendliest place you could hope to find to retire and enjoy life.

Upon arriving at the resort, the first thing you will see is our Administration Center,  with 24/7 Security, our front gate, and our Welcome Garden. Homeowners receive a barcoded "gate pass" and can come and go as they please. Registered guests may rent a gate access card for the duration of their stay, but all others must sign in at the Administration Center to obtain access.

SLR Administration Center SLR front gate SLR Welcome Garden
SLR Lake Fountain Memorial Garden and Saddlebag Lake

3 What Do We Do? Enjoy our retirement.The crowd is growing, wont be long till the gang is all back. When do you plan to arrive. This picture of the October 8, 2007 Monday Morning Koffee Klatch shows our friends getting the week off to a good start. While we are having Koffee Klatch they clean our pool. Here some grandchildren are enjoying the just cleaned pool. To the right is our "Screen Room" where we enjoy billiards.

October 8, 2007 Koffee Klatch Our Pool SLR Screen Room
Do You enjoy boating or fishing?
Our Boat Dock
Want to bring your pet?
Bring your pet
Or do you just love the Florida wildlife?
Sand Hill Cranes
Lets Jam
Jam Session
Click Here to See Our Kitchen Band Concerts and see what Fun is all about!
Click Here to See Our Song Birds Concerts!

4 Do We Have Clubs?
  • Boat Club
  • Bowling Group
  • Computer Club (CHUG)
  • Coterie Club
  • Craft Club
  • Golf Club
  • Horseshoe Club
  • Masonic Club
  • Mens Club
  • Pool Club
  • Shuffleboard Club
  • Slimming Together Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Womens Club
Committees and other Activities:
  • Aerobics Group
  • Art Classes
  • Bingo Committee
  • Choral Group
  • Church Choir
  • Garden Club
  • Granny's Attic
  • Kitchen Band
  • Library Group
  • Line Dancing
  • Nondenominational Church
  • Saddlebag Express Newsletter
  • Summer Committee

5 Do we have Rules? The following rules have been developed to maximize the Health, Safety, and Comfort of All Resort Guests
General Rules:
  • Our speed limit is 15 MPH and it IS enforced.
  • If you have pets they are not to run loose and must be cleaned up after if you are taking them out on a leash.
  • There is no smoking allowed in any of our buildings.
  • We observe quiet hours from 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM, so all recreation will cease during those hours.
  • We do not park any vehicle on the grass anywhere within our resort.
  • Pedestrians must walk facing traffic.
  • Bicycles must be ridden with the flow of traffic and all traffic laws must be observed.
  • When out at night please carry a flashlight to make it easier to be seen.
  • Rental Gate Cards must be returned in good usable condition. If a card is broken or damaged, your $15 deposit will be forfeited.

  • Swimming is allowed at the beach or at the pool only. No lifeguard is on duty at either location, so swim at your own risk. From time to time alligators have been seen near the beach. Proper caution should be exercised at all times.
  • The pool complex rules are as follows:
    • All bathers are to shower before entering the pool or jacuzzi, to rinse off oil, lotions, or perspiration.
    • No gym shorts, cut-offs, or underclothes in the pool.
    • if under the age of 12, you must be with an adult registrant to use the pool and only toilet trained children are permitted in the pool.
    • No one under 18 is permitted in the jacuzzi.
    • No balls or flotation devices except water wings.
    • No glass containers or food is allowed within 4 feet of the pool and none within the screened jacuzzi area.
    • No pets are allowed in the pool complex.

  • Observe Posted Rules. Courts are closed to guests during scheduled tournaments, which are posted
  • No activity other than tennis is allowed on the courts
  • Only tennis shoes are allowed on the courts
  • Shirts must be worn at all times
  • Observe Posted Rules. Courts are closed to guests during scheduled tournaments, which are posted
  • Use equipment and courts with care.
  • Do not step on playing surface
  • Return equipment to shed when finished

  • Observe Posted Rules. Courts are closed to guests during scheduled tournaments, which are posted
  • Please be careful as the horsehoes can be dangerous if not properly handled
  • Return shoes to proper place when finished

Pool Tables:
  • Observe Posted Rules. Tables are closed to guests during scheduled tournaments, which are posted
  • Childred under 12 years of age shall be under the supervision of an adult registrant while using pool tables
  • No sitting on tables or rails
  • No wet bathing suits will be permitted to be worn by pool players
  • Eating or drinking while using the pool tables is not permitted
  • Cover will be on the pool table during quiet hours (11Pm to 6Am)
6 Do We Have Fun? We have assembled a few pictures of us having FUN
Click here to see Fun day 2006
Click here to see Fun day 2007
Click here to see Fun day 2008
Click here to see Fun day 2009
Click here to see Fun day 2010
Click here to see Fun day 2011
Click here to see Fun day 2012

Contact Information:

Name: Saddlebag Lake Resort Owners Association

our new email addresses
Office@SLRmail.com General Office Business
President@slrmail.com for Board President
jayewright7@gmail.com for Board Vice President
blackburntomi@yahoo.com for Board Secretary
Dinodoc3@SLRmail.com for Board Treasurer
Manager@SLRmail.com for the Resort Manager
Forum@SLRmail.com direct email link to the Saddlebag Forum section of the Current Issues page.
Address: 499 Saddlebag Lake Road
Lake Wales, FL  33898
Country: USA
Office Phone: 863-696-2407
Fax: 863-696-4394
Evenings and Weekends: 863-696-1115
First Aid Emerg. Cellphone: 863-604-4321
Duke Energy Emergency: 800-700-8744

Our Speed Limit throughout the Resort is 15 MPH and We Enforce It!
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