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CHUG_Agenda  Date: 02/28/2008  Seq: 1
Attention: Lake Wales Wireless Users! The LWW system will go down late Thursday morning 2/28/2008 and will be down for an undetermined amount of time (i.e., several hours). Kip is installing new antennas to improve the signal reliability. Bob Staib is going to bring his wireless router to the Chug meeting so we will have a WiFi connection if LWW is not back up by meeting time.

1. This morning, Glenn Bell will do cut,copy, and paste, and some other things.

2. Remember next week, March 6. Smart Computing Magazine will be here. It should be a good meeting.

3. If we have enough time, I will also show everyone how to eliminate the forwards in emails and the reason why a person should do this.

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Name: Saddlebag Lake Resort Owners Association

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Our Speed Limit throughout the Resort is 15 MPH and We Enforce It!
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