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CHUG_Chat  Date: 06/27/2008  Seq: 1


Topic #11

How to Create a Username/Password and Log In
To The SLR Website

The Computer Helper
And User Group
of Saddlebag Lake Resort


Bob Staib

We have received several requests for a refresher course on how to create a Username and Password then how to Log In to our website.

First, let me explain that you only need to create a username and password once. Thereafter all you need to do is just Log In.

Second, here is a screen shot of our homepage made 6/27/2008

Third, Here is the process:

Go to our home page at
If you have not previously created a Username and a Password start at Step 1
If you already have a Username and Password just go directly to Step 3

Step 1:

Click on the Click Here link identified in the center of the page.
This will bring up a new page that looks like this:

Step 2:

Choose a Username and Password you want to use. WRITE IT DOWN we have had 109 people contact us so far who could not remember their Username or Password and who could not Log In. You don't want to be 110.

Enter your SLR mailbox number.

Enter you email address. Triple check it for accuracy. We have had 89 cases where the verification email was sent to a non existent email address.

Then Click the "Click to Send your Username/Password Data" button.

The system will then send you an email to the email address you specified. If the address is typed wrong, you will never receive the verification. In fact if you do not receive a verification email within 5 minutes, you better send an email to Bob Staib ( and explain that you entered the wrong email and request that the account be verified manually. Provide your name address, stump number and mailbox number. Also use this process if you do not have a mailbox number. You may want to check your email system to be sure your system is NOT taging emails from as SPAM.

Note: Every time we do an email mailing, 15-20 of the mails are returned as not receivable either because the email account is not valid, the mailbox is full, or your email system is treating our email as SPAM. When this happens we log the reason for rejection into our database and turn your email off. Then we must wait for you to contact us and ask why you have not been receiving our emails.

When the verification email arrives in your email account, just click on the link it contains to verify your identity.

That is it. Your Username and Password are now valid. WRITE THEM DOWN.

Step 3:

Return to the Home Page
This time click on the "Please Log In" link and you get the following:

Simply enter your Username and Password and Click the "Click to Send Your Email and Password Data" button and you are logged in as an "Known SLR User".

You now have access to Published Board Documents, The Saddlebag Express and any other website content that is confidential or contains people's name, addresses, or contact data, You also can see Classified Ads on your screen rather than having to email them to yourself. After we complete the Office Computer upgrade, you will be able to call up your account, see water bills and usage, etc

Once you are logged in, you stay logged in on all SLR website pages until you close your browser or until there has been 30 minutes of no activity on your browser. Then you are automatically logged out.

Once logged in a new choice appears "Edit your Contact Data"
Using this link you can edit any of your SLR or Northern Address data, phone numbers, and email addresses. You may also enter one emergency contact name, address, phone, email, etc. At present the system only allows you to enter one emergency contact, but the master system allows as many as you want. So, if you have more than one, just send an email to and Bob will enter any additional Emergency Contacts manually.

We regularly validate user entered Usernames and Passwords and delete any that are not valid or duplicate attempts. We also regularly validate and copy user entered address, phone, and email data to our master database.

We welcome any input you may have to make this process simpler.

Contact Information:

Name: Saddlebag Lake Resort Owners Association

our new email addresses General Office Business for Board President for Board Vice President for Board Secretary for Board Treasurer for the Resort Manager direct email link to the Saddlebag Forum section of the Current Issues page.
Address: 499 Saddlebag Lake Road
Lake Wales, FL  33898
Country: USA
Office Phone: 863-696-2407
Fax: 863-696-4394
Evenings and Weekends: 863-696-1115
First Aid Emerg. Cellphone: 863-604-4321
Duke Energy Emergency: 800-700-8744

Our Speed Limit throughout the Resort is 15 MPH and We Enforce It!
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