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Chug_Chat  Date: 03/05/2008  Seq: 1


Topic #5

Saving Screen Images

The Computer Helper
And User Group
of Saddlebag Lake Resort


Glenn Bell

Helpful Tips and Instructions for your computer.

Saving Screen Images

This tip will provide instruction for you to save images that you see on your screen, to a file stored on your computer hard disk drive. In other words whatever you can see on your display will be saved as a file for later viewing or reference. If you save screen images then you do not have to print pages of the information you want to save. You can view it whenever you wish.

How To Do It

When you have an image on your display that you want to keep, simply press the Prt Scr key on your keyboard. The image will be transferred to the clipboard in your computers memory. On some computers the Prt Scr key requires you to hold down the Fn key then press the Prt Scr key in order to work.

If you have placed a Word pad shortcut icon on your Quick Launch bar, single left click the icon, otherwise find the Word Pad program in your programs list and click on it. The word pad program will open and give you a blank screen. The cursor will appear in the top left corner. Anywhere on the white or page area of the display right click to display a menu. Highlight the PASTE instruction and left click on it. The image that was on the clipboard will be now be copied into the Word Pad program.

To save the image left click on File (top left title bar). Select and left click on the Save As line (from the drop down menu). A save window will appear. In the box titled Save In: left click on the down arrow and select My Documents. In the File Name: box remove the information that is shown and replace with a descriptive name for the image you are saving then left click Save. The screen image that you are saving is now stored in your My Documents folder.

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