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Welcome to our 'Electronic Bulletin Board' Classified Ads Page

This is a service of CHUG (Saddlebag's Computer Helpers and Users Group) and is meant to benefit the Saddlebag Community. Listings are made without charge to SLR Owners and Residents. Businesses wishing to advertise should contact Bob Staib for Ad approval and rates. The site is manned and operated on a volunteer basis. It is designed to be much more efficient, flexible, and timely than the traditional bulletin board postings. We are trying to be of service, please do not abuse our website. If you want to show your appreciation, join CHUG and pay your $10 per year dues. Come to the CHUG meetings and learn more about computers. Or volunteer to help with one of the many activities going on in the Resort. This is how we built Saddlebag Lake Resort into Florida's Friendliest Place to Retire.

How do I use this page?
Buyers/ Visitors: To see additional information on a listed item: Simply click on the ID Number link at the left side of the Item Title in the "Classified Ads in Our Database Sorted by Type and Start Date" section of this page. This will cause the page to refresh and show you all of the data that we have for public display concerning this item. This page will then display fields where you can enter your name and email address. You can click on a link which will send you an email (to the email address you provided) that will contain all of the additional data including price and the information you need to contact the other party. It will also send them an email telling them of your interest in their listing and will give them your email address. The rest is up to the two parties. All we need to know is when to delete the listing. Or, if you are a Saddlebag Resident and you log into the website with your SLR Username and SLR Password, the entire ad will display on the webpage and there will be no need to email it.

Sellers/Classified Listers: This site is for Saddlebag Lake Resort, Lake Wales, FL owners, renters, and guests only. Your classified ad MUST be SLR related. You may place an ad in any of the following categories: Home For Sale, Home For Rent, Item For Sale, Item Wanted, Lot for Sale, Lot for Rent, Other, RV for Sale, RV for Rent, Wanted Home To Buy, Wanted Home To Rent, Wanted Lot To Rent, Wanted RV to Buy, Wanted RV to Rent

To list a new item, you should do the following:
  1. Choose the category under which the listing will be displayed.
  2. Provide the Listing Title text you want used.
  3. Write a detailed description of items wanted or to be sold. You are solely responsible (and liable) for any misrepresentations or inaccuracies in this description.
  4. If the listing is a sale or rental item choose a price in US Dollars
  5. If the listing is a rental wanted or offered listing, be sure to provide the dates it is wanted or available.
  6. If the listing is a sale or rental listing tell us if the price is: "Asking", "Firm", "Make Offer","Negotiable", "Per Week", "Per Month", or "Or Best Offer"
  7. If a sale or rental offer, take at least one picture of the property or item. While the system imposes no limit on the number of images you are allowed anything over 4 or 5 becomes a detriment to your advertisement since many users will be using a dial up internet connection. Each image should be in JPG or PNG format and should be at least 400 pixels wide. If your image needs to be cropped or rotated that is no problem but it should be crisp and in focus as there is little we can do to "fix" a poor picture. If you are up North and cannot take a picture let us know and we will arrrange to get one taken. We would much prefer that you supply the picture you want used because we cannot be responsible for taking a picture that makes you "happy". We will process each image submitted and make a 400px wide (max) by 400px high (max) image for pop up display and a 100px x 100px thumbnail for display in your classified listing.
  8. Make sure you provide your contact info. Listings will not be posted if we do not receive your Name, address, city, state, zip, email, telephone (if a "northern address") or name, SLR address, Email, and telephone (if your "Saddlebag address")
  9. After you have all of your information together, email it to Bob Staib OR Bob Trombley and attach your images as attachment files.
  10. After we receive your listing we will review it, contact you if we have any questions, preprocess the images into a suitable format and compression for display on a website, then post the listing for 90 days.
  11. For sales or rental listings, you must notify us of a sale so we can change the listing status in our database to "closed" so it will cease to be displayed on the website, and so you will cease to get inquires.
  12. When a viewer requests a copy of your full listing including contact information, you will be sent an email message telling you who was interested in your listing. You are responsible for checking your email regularly, and for all negotiations with the other party. Our role is simply to start a dialog between buyers and sellers.

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Classified Ad Number: 398
Listing Type: Lot for Rent
Listing Title: Water front lot on Saddlebag Lake for Rent
Description: Lot for Rent: Water front lot on Saddlebag Lake. Watch the sun come up over the water at your own spot in paradise. For more information phone 715-421-6452.
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To Email yourself the full text of this listing along with price, email address and telephone contact data of the lister, please enter your email address into the following box, and click "Mail This Listing To Me". A copy of this listing will be emailed immediately.
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398 Lot for Rent    4/3/2017    1    Water front lot on Saddlebag Lake for Rent
There are presently 1 Active Ads

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Submitted Images: By submitting an ad to this website you give us permission to use your image anywhere on the Saddlebag Lake Resort Website. We will include general images of the resort with your ad where appropriate, but specifically reserve the right to use these images elsewhere on the website to promote the many features and activities in the Resort. Submitted images that are duplicates or very similar to other images available on the website will NOT be included in a classified advertisement.

Contact Information:

Name: Saddlebag Lake Resort Owners Association

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Our Speed Limit throughout the Resort is 15 MPH and We Enforce It!
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