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After you select your login credentials, an email will be sent to your specified email address and you will be provided with a link you can click on to complete validating your login credentials. Then you will be returned to this screen where you will be asked to provide some additional contact information to update the Saddlebag Lake Owner's Association database so we can better contact and serve you. You are also invited to provide information on an Emergency Contact, so we would know who to contact if an emergency were to occur while you are in our Resort.

Although the process of creating a set of login credentials is very easy, we want you to know that our database maintains a separate record for each person. Your Username and Password should be for one Person. Our database knows if John Doe and Jane Smith are co-owners, or if John is the Owner and Jane the Guest or if both John and Jane are Guests. We maintain a different record for John's SLR address, John's Other Address, Jane's SLR address, Jane's Other Address and as many Emergency contacts as you want to enter So if John and Jane want different Emergency contacts, all options are handled correctly. You do not need to try to convey any ownership information in the selection of a username or password. Just use your name and enjoy.

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Contact Information:

Name: Saddlebag Lake Resort Owners Association

our new email addresses General Office Business for Board President for Board Vice President for Board Secretary for Board Treasurer for the Resort Manager direct email link to the Saddlebag Forum section of the Current Issues page.
Address: 499 Saddlebag Lake Road
Lake Wales, FL  33898
Country: USA
Office Phone: 863-696-2407
Fax: 863-696-4394
Evenings and Weekends: 863-696-1115
First Aid Emerg. Cellphone: 863-604-4321
Duke Energy Emergency: 800-700-8744

Our Speed Limit throughout the Resort is 15 MPH and We Enforce It!
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