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110/01/2012 Seq: 1“SHUFFLE SCUTTLEBUT" Saddlebag Lake Resort Shuffleboard Club 2012-2013 to start soon, so limber up and come out for some
210/26/2012 Seq: 1SHUFFLE SCUTTLEBUT Saddlebag Lake Resort Shuffleboard Club 2012-2013 to start soon, so limber up and come out for some fun ·
311/16/2012 Seq: 1Shuffleboard News On Thursday November 15 th we had 3 members, Moe & Teresa Vermeulen and Larry Allison enter an Avon Park,
411/26/2012 Seq: 1November 25, 2012 Shuffleboard Scuttlebutt Two Tournaments coming up for this week: Monday: Florida State amateur singles in
512/03/2012 Seq: 1We hope to see you all at the courts on Tuesday December 4 th for our first social of the year. Hotdogs, beer and soda, each will
612/14/2012 Seq: 1Shuffleboard Club Activities 2013 January 2, 2013 Club meeting @ 4:00 p.m. Clubhouse January 5, 2013 Breakfast 8:00 a.m.—9:30
712/18/2012 Seq: 1Hello Saddlebaggers, Just a reminder of the Shuffleboard Breakfast on Saturday January 5 th from 8am till 9:30am. Everyone is
801/03/2013 Seq: 1Shuffleboard Scuttlebutt The Season has started and we welcome back all former shufflers and our beginner “newbys”. The Early
901/05/2013 Seq: 1We had a very successful breakfast this morning with 128 hungry patrons attending. The menu consisted of "real" scrambled
1001/15/2013 Seq: 1The Saddlebag Lake Resort Shuffleboard Club had a very successful "Hot Dog" day under the Oaks on Tuesday Jan. 15th We
1102/05/2013 Seq: 1FOR ALL SHUFFLEBOARDERS IN SADDLEBAG Shuffleboard Meeting Wednesday Feb. 6 at the clubhouse Time 3:55 p.m. come on out, there is
1202/09/2013 Seq: 1OPEN TO ALL RESORT RESIDENTS! 1/ Don't forget the Shrove Tuesday Dinner at the club house. It is open to all residents of
1302/10/2013 Seq: 1We had a very successful breakfast at the Clubhouse this morning serving over 160 customers from 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. They
1402/12/2013 Seq: 1WOW! What a great turn out for our dinner for Shrove Tu e sday . 126 hungry patrons. Thank you for supporting the Shuffleboard
1502/21/2013 Seq: 1February 19 Another successful Hot Dog Day under the Oaks for our Shuffleboard Club. We were able to serve close to 300 hot dogs
1603/11/2013 Seq: 1The Saddlebag Lake Resort Shuffleboard Club would like to thank the residents of Saddlebag for their continued support of our
1703/24/2013 Seq: 1The Shuffleboard Club was proud to serve our famous Hot Dog Lunch to the Saddlebag WW 11 Veterans group on Friday. We were able
1803/24/2013 Seq: 2The annual Saddlebag Lake Resort Shuffleboard Club banquet was held in the Clubhouse today. There were 62 attendees for the meal
1904/29/2013 Seq: 1After a 2275 Km trip the prize money from the Shuffleboard Club was finally delivered to Hilda Marriott on April 28th for her 3rd
2005/21/2013 Seq: 1Hello everyone Summer shuffling has started up here in Ontario at places like St.Marys, Chatham, Puce( near Chatham) ask Teresa
2107/10/2013 Seq: 1On July the 9th the London, Ontario shuffleboard club held a single/ mingles tournament with 45 Pro and Amateur players. there
2207/10/2013 Seq: 2Summer is progressing up north and we are getting LOTS of rain in the Woodstock area, as I see they are getting lots in Saddlebag
2308/19/2013 Seq: 1Hello everyone, Summer is fast drawing to a close. The Woodstock fair starts this week, which means that we are about to get some
2408/28/2013 Seq: 1When you read this month's edition of the Express you will likely be thinking of your winter stay back in Saddlebag. We hope
2510/10/2013 Seq: 1Well everyone it is now Oct.10th already and some of you will be started to pack for the south. if you are one of the lucky ones
2611/11/2013 Seq: 1Hello Saddlebaggers, I hope everyone had an enjoyable and healthy summer. On Tuesday, November 10th, we will meet at the courts
2711/18/2013 Seq: 1Early bird shuffle to start Tuesday , Nov.19. Meet at the courts before 9:45 a.m. (weather permitting) and we can get a little
2812/09/2013 Seq: 1Shuffleboard Karaoke and Dance on Saturday evening was a great success thanks to lots of people. First, I would like to thank
2912/31/2013 Seq: 1Fun Shuffle is over for this year and the standings are as folllows: Ladies: 1st tie Janet McKnight and Shirley Weightman 2nd
3001/01/2014 Seq: 1Saddlebag shufflers Teresa and Moe Vermeulen have been very active on the amateur shuffleboard tournament schedule this year.
3111/16/2014 Seq: 1Accolades go out to Moe Vermeulen who placed 1st in the Main Event at the Avon Park Draw Doubles Amateur Tournament on November
3212/14/2014 Seq: 1Congratulations to Shuffleboard Members that have placed in different Florida Shuffleboard Association Tournaments as follows:
3301/12/2015 Seq: 1"Congratulations go out to Teresa Vermeulen for placing 4th in the Main Event at Lakeland on Dec. 19/14 in the Ladies Amateur
3402/17/2015 Seq: 1"Congratulations go out to Shuffleboard Members that have placed in different Florida Association Tournaments as follows:
3503/16/2015 Seq: 1"Congratulations go out to our Shuffleboard Members that have placed in numerous Florida Shuffleboard Association Tournaments

SLR Shuffleboard
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Shuffleboard  Date: 12/14/2014  Seq: 1

Congratulations to SLR Shuffleboard     Members that have placed in different Florida SLR Shuffleboard     Association Tournaments as follows:

Nov. 21, 2014 -- Avon Park - Larry Allison and Lydia Crabbe, Main Event, 3rd Place

Dec 5, 2014 -- Winter Haven - Larry Allison, Main Event, 2nd Place

Moe Vermeulen -- Main Event, 4th Place

Teresa Vermeulen -- Consolation. 2ndPlace

Dec. 9, 2014 -- Avon Park -- Moe & Teresa Vermeulen -- Main Event, 1st Place. They were each presented with the US National SLR Shuffleboard     Association Pin for winning this national event. Great job Moe & Teresa!!!

Larry Allison and Lydia Crabbe, Main Event, 3rd Place

Dec. 11, 2014 -- Avon Park -- Moe Vermeulen, Consolation, 1st Place

Larry Allison, Consolation, 3rd Place

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