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Most of us look to our Miitary Veterans with a deep respect and awe for all they have done to make our way of life possible. In keeping with this spirit we felt it was appropriate to do something on this website to start to recognize these contributions. And, that a good place to start, was with World War II. It is our hope that members of other services throuout North America and partipants in other conflicts will come forward and organize similar recording sessions so our families can have a record of some of what you have done for us.

Our WW II tribute was organized and herded into a visual record by Bill Lally .. Thanks Bill, and thanks to all who participated. We will be honored to post more of these recordings.

Seventy years ago--1942--this nation was reeling from the effects of a surprise air attack by the empire of Japan that crushed Pearl Harbor. Germany and Italy soon declared war and this nation was embroiled into a world war on two fronts that would last four years. Forced to marshal all its might, this nation enlisted 16 million into its armed. forces. Today only two million remain with 1,000 dying daily. This year as Saddlebag celebrated its founding with Fun Day a group of World War II veterans joined to be a part of the parade and to honor all World War veterans. A day later 14 men and one woman--a band of brothers and one sister--joined to create a videotape of wartime memories. This effort is unrehearsed, in their own words, telling of those days-- parachuting from a flaming B-17, landing just after D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Nazi death camps, Okinawa and three months in a foxhole. At the same time some played lesser roles--but all served to attain final victory. These are their stories --the men from what now is known as The Greatest Generation. Appearing in order are:
  1. Chet Dowler, US Army Air Corps
  2. Robert B. Staib, US Army
  3. Chet Carter, US Marines
  4. Russ Chafin, US Navy
  5. Leo Desrosiers, US Army Air Corps
  6. Bob Exler, US Navy
  7. Kenneth Rindt, U S Navy
  8. E.C.Showalter, US Marines
  9. Kenneth Westover, US Army
  10. Chuck Seely, US Navy
  11. Peggy Brown, US Coast Guard
  12. Roland Morgan,US Marines
  13. Homer Allem, US Army
  14. Sam Ritz, US Navy
  15. Bill Lally, Army Air Corps

Click here for SLR WWII Vets 03-11-2012

An awards ceremony took place on Monday July 15, 2013 honoring Mr. Homer Allem where he received several WWII awards. The following is a recording of that ceremony.
Click here for The Homer Allem Awards Ceremony 07/15/2013

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